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Hicksville History
An interesting town that affected the history of Northwest Ohio.
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What is going on in Hicksville today?
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3-10-08 A lot of new information has been added to the Early History section. A Time line the Colonies from 1700-about 1800. Many pages about the Revolutionary war era are now included.


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Hicksville Ohio -  A Proud Past and a Bright Future

This web page is dedicated to the town and people, past, present and future of Hicksville, Ohio. Located in Defiance County way up in the Northwest corner of Ohio, Hicksville is about a mile East of Indiana and about 30 miles south of Michigan. 

The history of Hicksville is the history of this part of Ohio. Founded by The Hicks Land Company of Hicksville, Long Island, New York, Hicksville was a key part of the area history. 

This page is a reflection of the history, the present and the hopeful future. It is also gathering place for people in and from Hicksville. And these pages give me the author a chance to express my feelings for the village of Hicksville.

This web page is a labor of love since it generates no income. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to let me know. I will be happy to consider any contributions. There is a forum attached to these pages where you can contribute, ask questions or just express your opinions.

Can I help support this informative page?

Financial support is always needed and welcome. But if you have an interest in contributing information and articles, let us know. We are always interested in adding to these pages.


 What will you find on these pages?

How do I find the information here?

Use the menus at the top and left of the main pages. Each section has its own main page with summary information to make navigation easier.

Why would you want to take the time to do this web page? 

Consider this web page as my contribution to posterity. I had access to much of this information and wanted to make it available to others using the power of the internet. I have lived in this area most of my life so this is my gift to the people of Hicksville, past and present. Contributions or advertisements are welcome to help support this page.

The Forum
This part of this web page offers you an opportunity to add your opinions and comments.

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