Early History
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The Indians
The Great Black Swamp
Pre-French & Indian Wars
Shot Heard Round the World
Beaver Wars
French Indian War
Writs of Assistance
The Sugar Act 1764
The Stamp Act 1765
Pre-Revolutionary War
Fort Laurens Ohio
More to come
Columbian Exchange


Pre-1803 History of Ohio
This section is about Ohio prior to becoming a state in 1803. 

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Pre-Hicksville History

In this area, we take the Ohio area back to before there were people here. It includes information about how the land became what it is. There were a number of glacier eras that affected the landscape. Before that a great sea covered the land. 

Some of the information in this section came from the Hicksville Historical Society taken out of a 1975 Hicksville Centennial project researched and written by two Defiance College Sophomores as a history project. Thanks to Jim Battershell, Jr. and Leesa Kemerer for all their hard work and interest in the history of Hicksville and to the many others who helped them with their research and to The Hicksville News Tribune staff  for publishing it so we can all have access to our early years in this area.  

Part One of this section talks about the original inhabitants, the Indians. It takes the story up through the white man moving to the area including the French & British influences before, during and after the Revolutionary War. This section will go up to when Ohio became a state in 1803.

Be sure to take a look at the other two sections of this Ohio history. The next section Two covers more recent history. Ohio becoming a state and joining the Union. The War of 1812. The Civil War up to the recent times. You will find in these sections information about many people who left an impact on this area, Hicksville and the United States.

The third section has information more specific to the Hicksville Ohio area.


Chapter Links
  • Pre-history - What was it like before man came to Ohio. What happened to make NW Ohio so flat? Why was the land so rich for farming? Click here.
  • Indians - The first men were native Americans. They dominated the landscape for many years. The French came to the area looking for fur trade. The English came looking for land. Click here.
  • The Great Black Swamp - after the glaciers left, a huge area of swampy land was left behind. When the white man came to NW Ohio he found a place not fit for man or beast, the Great Black Swamp. click here
  • Pre-French & Indian War - The French, British, Indians and Colonists all wanted control of the Ohio Territory. The conflict went on for over 75 years till it ended in the colonies. Click here
  • Shot Heard 'Round the World - George Washington may have fired the first shot of the French & Indian Wars click here
  • The Beaver Wars - The demand for beaver pelts was huge in the mid 1600's. The English in the colonies traded for as many pelts as the Iroquois could find. This caused the Iroquois to move west towards the Great Lakes and Ohio Territory looking for more beaver & deer. click here
  • The French & Indian War in the colonies. The conflict came to an end, sort of, in the colonies. Click here
  • The Writs of Assistance - the English Parliament issued a blanket search warrant to catch the smugglers. The first of the bad laws. click here

  • The Sugar Act - Trying to raise money to pay off the debt from the French & Indian War, England passed a law to tax molasses, sugar and rum. The next bad law to the colonists. click here

  • The Stamp Act - the English Parliament in trying to raise more cash for the debt passed this law requiring the colonists to use paper with a watermark. The next bad law. click here

  • Pre-Revolutionary War- The colonist considered themselves English subjects of the Crown. But England was making it difficult to remain that way. Click here

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