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North American history is so different than Mexican. You can attribute it to the Europeans that settled the areas. 
I ran across this information the other day reading the Washington Post. I neglected to write down the author's name. He has a new book out and the Post ran an article on June 3 with a title like "Why Mexico is not spelled Massachusetts".

Strange title but an interesting set of ideas that is somewhat relevant to the history of the Hicksville Ohio area.

It was the luck of the draw that the English landed their ships in North American and Columbus ended up in the Caribbean. Had Columbus taken a right turn he could have landed in the Carolinas. We could be speaking Spanish.

Another interesting thought is how North America's society differs from Mexico's. The Europeans (English in particular) that came to North America were farmers, entrepreneurs and settlers. People looking to do their own thing. The English, in particular, also came from a culture that respected individual rights and had started to change its laws to protect its citizens. And when the English arrived here they found groups of nomadic tribes of red men who did not have much of an organized society making it pretty easy to take land from them. Lastly, the English were Protestants.

Mexico on the other hand was invaded by the Spanish. Upon arriving in Mexico the Spanish found a highly evolved society. Mexico City was founded in 1325 by the Aztecs. When the Spanish arrived in 1519, it had a population of over 100,000 people. In fact Mexico City is the oldest and largest city in the Americas even today. The Spanish could conquer the people of Mexico and gain from them by demanding tribute (taxes). So instead of sending settlers to Mexico, Spain sent soldiers. And the Spanish were Roman Catholics. It wasn't until Napoleon had it out with the Spanish that Mexico got out from under the Spanish rule. But then they went under French rule.




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