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The Indians
The Great Black Swamp
Pre-French & Indian Wars
Shot Heard Round the World
Beaver Wars
French Indian War
Writs of Assistance
The Sugar Act 1764
The Stamp Act 1765
Pre-Revolutionary War
Fort Laurens Ohio
More to come
Columbian Exchange


More to Come
Come back there is more to add to this story. We will try to add at least a page a week to this story.
More to Come

Sorry to drop the story right here. Hope you find what you have read already to be informative. As I did research on these items, I learned a lot of things.

I was quite surprised at a number of things:

  1. Ohio had been at, just above or just below the equator numerous times in the ancient past. This was caused by the shifting of the Earth's north and south poles. Ponder that for a minute...
  2. Ohio was actually hit by more than one ice age. Makes you wonder if an outside influence such as super volcano or huge meteor had something to do with it.
  3. The glaciers traveled as rivers of ice with their path influenced by the topography of the earth, mountains, etc. So not all areas were flattened.
  4. A huge amount of topsoil and such was carried from Canada to Ohio. Can they grow crops in Canada?
  5. The Indians as we think of them were NOT the first residents of Ohio. There were several prehistoric peoples first. In fact the red man pushed the last of these people out of Ohio.
  6. And where did the red men come from? Across a land bridge from Asia? Or from South America?
  7. The Mound people were in many ways a far more advanced people than the red man.
  8. There is no history of the red man until the white man showed up.
  9. The Iroquois Nations were friendly to the British before the French and Indian Wars due to an incident involving a Frenchman, de LaSalle, and some Hurons who attacked and killed some Iroquois long before the actual war.
  10. The French and Indian War was only small part of the overall conflict. In fact this whole conflict between the French and British has been referred to as the first world war. And this conflict went on for over 70 years.


What is Next?

I will be working on adding more pages. It takes time to research information then write it on these pages. Have patience. The sign of a good website is that it keeps changing drawing visitors back.

This is a labor of love. (Especially since it doesn't make any money.) History is fascinating. How did we get where we are today? What influences will that have on where we are going? This world is built on the shoulders of those that came before us. You cannot understand many world situations without knowing how they got there in the first place.

This section will go up to about when Ohio became a State in the Union, 1803. Those details will be in an other section of this History part of

We appreciate you being here and reading this. Feel free to visit the Forum and leave your comments in the appropriate section.





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