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So who put this page together. Well, the two individuals are Dennis and Donna Begley.

Both of us have lived or still live in Hicksville, Ohio. Donna, known as Donabee on the internet, graduated from Hicksville High School, moved away then came back. Dennis lived there for a number of years and now is in Minneapolis, MN.

We are both fans of the town. We did this page as a gift to the town. There is much history in the area and most people don't have any idea about it. So we thought we would collect as much as we could and post it here. 

Contributions are always welcome. Putting together and maintaining a web page takes time and a commitment. If you have information and want to assist at any level, please let us know.

 a nice place to visit

Hicksville, Ohio
A proud past and a bright future


Contributions Wanted
We welcome contributions. If you have information or pictures that you can share, please let us know.
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