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The forum at

Stop in, check out what is there and stay awhile. Lots of topics, articles and things to think about. Be sure to register.

Truth Forum Link

This web site has another part, a place we call Truth. It is a forum.

Forums are places that people can read things left behind by other people. And readers can also respond and leave their comments or create a new topic for others to read.

This forum serves several purposes. 

  • A place you can comment on the web site
  • A guest book area to let us know you stopped in
  • Talk about Hicksville Ohio
  • We have also put a lot of information in this forum about the USA situation today. What was the deal with Iraq? Are crimes being committed? Are our rights being threatened? Share how you feel about these topics and more
  • Polls where you can respond giving your feelings on topics.
  • And you can have your own forum by talking to us about your topic of choice.


Your own forum?

We are looking for moderators for this forum. A moderator simply is someone that keeps watch on a specific forum or two. Watching means keeping tabs on what is going into the forums. 

  • A moderator can delete posts that are inappropriate or offensive. 

  • Add comments or new topics

  • Have their own forums

Send an email if you are interested.


Instructions for the Forum

Basically forums are for registered members. This particular forum has some things that guests can see as non-registered visitors. But even though you may be able to see topics and read some articles, only registered members can post comments.

Registration means you need to sign up. You do need a valid email address. The system will send you a confirmation email with a link back to "confirm" your registration. Click on the email's link and you are a registered member. 

You don't have to read everything in this forum. We have a lot there. Primarily you can comment on this web site. But there is a lot of other information and articles much of it in a political nature. 

If some of it happens to offend you, that is not why it is there. It is not meant to do so. Rather we put this information here to share those opinions and hopefully make people think. And if you disagree, this is a forum, reply and give your thoughts or opinions. There use to be a time when we could all be friends even if we disagreed.

Click here for the

 Truth Forum Link



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