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Our History Section
You'll find a lot of information about the history of Hicksville & the area, Ohio and America in this section. 

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Don't miss the Time Line or the Library. Seeing what was going on around the world and here in America adds to the information here. And our Library contains some of the great speeches and articles of this time.

Hicksville History

We have accumulated a lot of interesting information on the area and the people of Hicksville. 

This site contains some  history of Hicksville, Ohio, that I have found from different sources. Most information came through the Hicksville Historical Society from a 1975 Hicksville Centennial project which was researched and written by two Defiance College Sophomores as a history project. 

Thanks to Jim Battershell, Jr. and Leesa Kemerer for all their hard work and interest in the history of Hicksville and to the many others who helped them with their research and to The Hicksville News Tribune staff  for publishing it so we can all have access to our early years in this area.  

The history section Of Hicksville-Ohio.com starts with Pre-History, when the land was forming and the glacieral era. To get a feel for why Ohio and this area is what it is today, it helps to know how the land become so rich for farming. 

The Pre-History section talks about the original inhabitants, the Indians, the French control of Ohio, the French & Indian War, the American Revolution and takes the area history up to the 1800's.

The Ohio section covers more recent history. Ohio becoming a state and joining the Union. The Civil War up and up to recent times. You will find in these sections information about many people and events that left an impact on Hicksville, the area and the United States.

The third section is about the local Hicksville history. People and events that formed Hicksville, Ohio.

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  • Mexico could've been spelled Massachusetts. Some interesting information I ran across looking for something else. 
  • Columbus landing in America started an ecological  revolution that was heard around the world. It is called the Columbian Exchange. Did you know that dandelions are not native to the Americas. They were brought from Europe as a beneficial herb. Rats are from Europe. Tomatoes were not known in Italy. Ireland had never seen a potato. Florida had no oranges. Thailand did not know what a hot pepper was. There were no horses or cows here in America. Mice are a European import. And much more. Pretty interesting to read. 
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