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Support these pages is a free source of information. But it costs to keep it on the Web. We would welcome any financial support you can offer. 

You can help a couple of different ways.

  1. Businesses and individuals can "advertise" on sections of this site.
  2. Anonymous support can be given through PayPal
Your Financial Support is Welcome

Yes, its the same old story, you money is needed. But it is true. This may be a labor of love for us to put this information on the internet for you and others to read. It costs us money to do that and lots of time.

If you like these pages and want to see them stay on the internet for a long time to come, we need your financial support.

We want to keep this process simple for supporters and us. There are two ways to help us keep these pages here and continue to expand them. 

  1. We accept requests to advertise from businesses. In fact, we favor area businesses that care enough to support these pages. As a business supporter you can place an ad on any section of the site that you have an interest in. 
  2. If you would rather not see your name on a page here but still want to offer some support you can do that through a quick contribution using PayPal. Click here.

Individual support

Personal  support is always welcome. Even a small contribution from you helps. And if you desire you can have your name put on any page as a supporter just like a business can. Or you can choose to be an anonymous supporter.

Click here to make your contribution using PayPal.

Business advertising

 As a business, you can put your ad on any page that you desire as long as there still is room. The only limitation is space on the page. We can only do so many ads per page.

Do people look at these pages? You bet. First we make an effort to put these pages high in the search engines. We work with a company named Vision Webs in Minneapolis who specialize in search engine placement. They also host our pages. These pages get traffic from all over the world. Many people that no longer live in the Hicksville area actually want to know what is going on here. And they visit these pages.

Secondly, we continue to add information to these pages. Search engines like that. Plus they also like pages that provide lots of information. 

So these pages get traffic, lots of traffic. More than you can imagine and we expected. 

Advertise here. Show our visitors, local and long distance, that you are helping keep these pages on the Web. 

Click here to make you contribution using PayPal.

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